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Extermination Platinum provides you with important information concerning the management of a variety of parasites. To learn more about our services or our products, please feel free to contact us!

Where are your services available?

Extermination Platinum has teams of exterminators in the Montreal, Laval and Ste-Thérèse regions.

Are your products safe?

The products used by Extermination Platinum are environmentally friendly and safe for the whole family, and even for pets.

Are you licensed to apply pesticides?

Yes, Extermination Platinum holds a permit from the Ministère du Développement durable, Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques, which allows us to apply pesticides in compliance with the law.

How can I limit the presence of insects or rodents in my home?

Caulking entry points in your home will reduce access for undesirable insects. Other useful tips include installing screens on your windows and doors, storing all food in airtight containers, using a dehumidifier in the rooms inside your home and ensuring that the yard is well maintained. For example, the presence of old logs or stumps on the property can attract carpenter ants, a devastating insect that must be avoided.

Is it really necessary to call an exterminator?

The intervention of a pest control professional is very useful if your home is invaded by insects or rodents. An expert has the equipment and know-how to solve your problem. In most cases, only the methodical application of specific products indoors and outdoors will curb the overpopulation of pests. Although anyone can say that they are an exterminator, there is no guarantee that their techniques will be effective. Do not hesitate to call on the team at Extermination Platinum!

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes, Extermination Platinum is at your service every day, 24 hours a day. If you find bed bugs in your home when you come back from a trip, or if mice have infiltrated your attic or a family of raccoons has taken up residence under your porch, don’t worry. We can solve your problem fast.

Is it dangerous to be bitten by bed bugs?

Bed bug bites are unpleasant, but not dangerous. They can cause itching or rashes, so it's best to exterminate these pests as soon as possible. Some people are allergic to the chemical that bed bugs release when they bite. Generally, the bite marks disappear on their own within a short time.

Is It Normal To See Live Specimens Following a Pest Control Treatment?

Yes, insects may continue to get inside your home. However, they will die once they come into contact with the antiparasitic treatment.

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