Detecting and Eliminating Bedbugs

If you ever find bed bugs, you must act as quickly as possible to prevent the infestation from getting worse. A pest control technician has the expertise to address this problem in compliance with safety standards. Contact Extermination Platinum for treatment of bed bugs in the Montreal, Laval and Ste-Thérèse regions.

Signs of the Presence of Bed Bugs

  • Itchy, grouped or aligned bites upon awakening
  • Black marks on sheets, mattress or box spring (blood or excrement)
  • Bugs or bug skins near the bed

Characteristics of Bed Bugs

  • Invisible to the naked eye
  • Similar in size to an apple seed
  • Brown or red in colour (red when engorged with blood)
  • Live from 5 months to 1 year
  • Nocturnal insect

Characteristics of Eggs

  • Whitish in colour
  • Similar in size to a pinhead
  • Laid in confined areas
  • Hatch 10-14 days after laying

Before the Exterminator Arrives

  • Declutter your home
  • Remove the contents of drawers, furniture and closets in infested rooms
  • Remove curtains and carpets
  • Clean fabrics and clothing and put them in a sealed plastic bag
  • Render affected furniture inoperable and package it before disposal
  • Vacuum thoroughly and dispose of the bag by placing it in an outdoor garbage container, wrapped in a plastic bag

Cleaning Textiles

  • Dry fabrics on high heat for at least 30 minutes OR
  • Wash in hot water (60° C or 140° F) OR
  • Clean fabrics using a steam cleaner (100° C or 212° F) OR
  • Leave the fabrics in the freezer for 24 hours (-17° C or 1.4° F)

After the Exterminator’s Visit

  • Adhere to the exterminator’s instructions with respect to returning to your home
  • Ventilate rooms
  • Do not walk barefoot for at least 48 hours following treatment
  • Re-examine the affected room regularly
  • Follow the exterminator’s recommendations
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